Visiting a brothel for the first time can be very intimidating. Everything from ringing the doorbell to the lineup all the way down to negotiations and booking is quite different from the average business model, and they don’t like to publicly discuss how these places work. So I’ve put together some things that’ll help you feel a bit more comfortable and enjoy your experience. After all, your pleasure is our business.

Look Ahead

Lets start with something you can do right now without moving from your comfy spot: check the website. Most brothels are going to have a website where they post all their information (phone number, address, directions) as well as the girls who they currently employ. These websites will typically have an email set up for the girls so you can contact them. Perfect for planning your fantasy party in advance. A girls favorite thing is when someone precooks their appointment with a paid deposit.

Hygiene! Hygiene! Hygiene!

When we say we like it dirty, we aren’t talking about your ass! Remember, we are going to be up close and personal with areas the sun doesn’t see. You may be asked to shower before your party, not because we think you smell, but just as a part of standard cleanliness. If you refuse, be prepared for the scratch and sniff challenge. We just ask you keep it clean.

Line ‘em up

Once you come in to the Brothel you’ll be asked if you would like to see the lineup. This is where all the girls currently available come out and introduce themselves. During the lineup, the girls are only allowed to say their names and nothing more. You will choose one to talk with first, but don’t worry, you can talk to as many as you’d like before you make your decision.

But how much?

Ahh yes, the question everyone is dying to know. If only it were a simple answer I would just give you a quote and go from there. However, this is sex work we’re talking about here and society does not like to make it easy on us. Although we are in a legal setting and yes we do pay our taxes, we are not able to operate like a normal business. In order to discuss rates legally, you have to be here in my room with me. Otherwise, it’s considered soliciting, and nobody wants to be in trouble.

Seriously? I’m clean though.

I’m not going to say I don’t trust you, but We hear this all the time. Every excuse under the sun has been used to get out of wearing a condom. Sorry guys, it won’t work here. Even if Betty down the road let’s you do anything you want, it won’t change the law. That’s right, the law stepped in here as well. They have made it absolutely mandatory to use condoms. A law we can all be happy about.

Can I see you again?

Yes! Please! We love returning clients! The more we get to know each other, the more fun we can have. There’s something to be said about making a deeper connection with someone. It also lets us know we’re doing something right if you enjoyed yourself enough to come back.

The main goal of these places is to provide a safe a legal way for you to enjoy yourself, and the ladies to make a living. Please, don’t let that doorbell scare you away from the experience on the other side of the door. Come on in, we can’t wait to meet you!

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